Whether you are an experienced and successful professional, or just beginning your health care career, you need to be able to respond to new career opportunities immediately. Your resume should be updated regularly and include all pertinent facts about your successes. Be sure to accurately and concisely list your accomplishments. Don't embellish, exaggerate, or fabricate any items, but if you have earned any awards, achieved any promotions, or made any noteworthy contributions to your company, list them.

Your resume is an opportunity to "brag" about yourself; take advantage of it! All too often, the best candidates never even get to the face-to-face interview stage, because their resumes were simply not written strongly enough.


Finding and retaining key personnel is important for the continued growth of any organization; in the always-evolving world of Health Care, it is critical. While retaining these key people is your responsibility, The PHOENIX Health Search Group can certainly assist you in finding them in the first place.

Identifying the "right" candidate goes beyond the presence of certain facts on a resume. Determining career progression, discerning proper fit between a candidate's personality and your corporate culture, matching up personal goals and requirements with your company's ability to provide them; all of these parameters will affect the long-term success of any hire. Many recruitment firms ignore these subjective factors, and focus strictly on data that appears on a resume. In fact, most recruiters will not take the time to screen interview candidates. The result is you and your hiring managers waste valuable time on candidates that should not have been referred to you in the first place.

Interviewing candidates (face-to-face, if possible) is the only way to properly identify which candidate "fits" your company. At PHSG, we strive to minimize your "down time" spent on interviewing inappropriate candidates, by thoroughly screening them, and referring on to you, only the most qualified and best suited candidates.

We, at PHSG, have placed Sales, Marketing, Sales Management, Provider, and Administrative personnel, from the staff level to the "C" level. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your next search. We can post your position blindly, list your opening with your company name (for a nominal amount), or we can create a link to your corporate web site. Please go the contact us page for details on how to initiate the search process.